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fresh salad
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Salads: You’ve been lied to.

Salads get a pretty bad rep. And why wouldn’t they? Bitter greens, leafy unhappiness – that overwhelming sense of unfulfillment as you force the last mouthful. Well, I’m going to level with you here. Salads can actually taste amazing. Forget about those bland ingredients that taste like as-I mean grass. With a few simple steps, […]

picture of many spices
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Health Benefits of Spice

Spices. They’re not in short supply, are they? If you pop down to the supermarket, you’ll find hundreds of jars and bottles lined up neatly for your convenience. They’re relatively cheap, when you consider the number of uses each jar will go through. But it wasn’t always this easy. If we slide back to the […]

Pizza party
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Day 284 of Lockdown: Pizza, Anyone?

Here’s one thing we should be talking about more: lockdown lethargy. Like many others, I had ambitions.  Dreams. I’d walk out of lockdown with a bubble-butt and abs you could grate cheese on. I subscribed to the Chloe Ting trend and fought the good fight against my stomach rolls. I’ll give myself some credit here […]

guacamole recipe
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The Ultimate Guacamole Recipe

Avocados are one of my favourite foods. They’re an amazingly blank canvas to add some flavour to and can be used in so many dishes. From salads to breakfast, this creamy fruit adds a level of sophistication to any meal. It’s often referred to as a superfood due to its high nutritional value. It’s loaded […]

beef casserole
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Beef & Mulled Wine Casserole Recipe

It’s an overcast Saturday morning in the midst of November. My Christmas decorations are up prematurely and drinking mulled wine has become a daily habit. But hey – I’d be doing worse if it wasn’t lockdown! During these cold months, nothing soothes my soul quite like a hearty meal. Salads and buddha bowls have been […]

chicken tikka masala
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Slow Cooked Chicken Tikka Masala

This is a tomato-y cream based dish, bursting with flavour! It’s an aromatic recipe that will make guests drool at first whiff. To speed up the cooking process, you can use boneless chicken. However, bones add a depth of flavour to the gravy (and it’s also a fair bit cheaper!) You can use this recipe […]

chickpea curry
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Chana Curry (Chickpea Curry)

Chickpeas are an exceptionally versatile food. From hummus to crisps, those round little legumes are a cupboard essential. They’re a rich source of minerals and vitamins, such as iron and vitamin B6. They’re also high in fibre, which is great for promoting good digestion. An amazing source of plant-based protein, they’re a fantastic option for […]

Thai pork lettuce wraps
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Thai Pork & Lettuce Wraps

This is the perfect recipe for when you want big flavours – FAST. It’s an amazingly simple dish and works wonderfully if you need to feed a big group of people. There’s no cutlery required either – grab a lettuce leaf and get scooping! The thing I love the most about this dish is how […]

spicy tuna melt baguette
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Spicy Tuna Melts Recipe

We created this one on a whim… Picture the scene: a rainy Tuesday evening. A fresh pot of tea, brewing quietly in the background. Fluffy socks and weary heads. The craving for comfort food is intense. But we’re not talking beans on toast here. We’re taking things up a notch. A beautiful blend of herbs […]