Well hello there, I’m Nadia, the 20-something creator of this very food blog, Oh She Spicy!

I founded this blog in early 2020 (yes, *that* year 2020) as like most people I found myself stuck indoors and desperate for an outlet of creativity, and something to pass the time and make the world of lockdown bearable.

Why I write

I’ve always been a budding writer since a very young age. Back then I was more into penning bizarre stories involving strange people and stuff like vampires than what I was eating.

As I began growing up and dabbling in the fine art of cooking delicious meals, I became more and more interested in the world of food, especially anything spicy!

So, that’s why I’m here to share with you delicious recipes that have been handed down through my Indian heritage, and my own takes on classic dishes that will hopefully add a bit of extra spice to your life.

seductive spices
We love the spicy things in life

I’ve also got a few food stories and general life (and loosely food-related) musings that I feel deserve to at least be read a little bit, so I’m gonna post these on here as well!

Recipes made easy!

My recipes are displayed with all the ingredients you need, including cooking instructions and timings to make it that little bit easier. Please get involved with the comments as well if you’ve tried it or just want to share you own thoughts.

If you need to get in contact or want to advertise then you can do that too. I’m all ears so hit me up! Otherwise, enjoy the blogs and definitely enjoy your food.