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Day 284 of Lockdown: Pizza, Anyone?

Here’s one thing we should be talking about more: lockdown lethargy.

Like many others, I had ambitions.  Dreams. I’d walk out of lockdown with a bubble-butt and abs you could grate cheese on.

I subscribed to the Chloe Ting trend and fought the good fight against my stomach rolls.

fitness girl walking down a country road
This was gonna be me… I was sure of it!

I’ll give myself some credit here – I lasted a solid three weeks. Granted, her soundtrack for the Two-Week Shred now activates my fight or flight, but I gave it a shot.

I should probably mention that at this point, I was eating McDonalds for breakfast and KFC for lunch. I justified my eating habits by skipping dinner. What can I say? Moderation is key.

I’m not about the wheedle off the clichéd line of you are what you eat! Last time I checked I wasn’t a legume. But there is SOME truth to the sentiment.

The convenience of having fast food delivered to my doorstep was brilliant. No unnecessary socialising. No urgency to change out of my pyjamas. What more could a girl ask for?

Food delivery
Who can resist having hot delicious food delivered right to your door?

Halfway through a mouthful of chewed up fry and tepid Pepsi, I realised that I wasn’t happy. It started out as a fun novelty and quickly became a dependency.

A sodium-fuelled binge is oh-so-tempting, but I’ll tell you one thing: it feels a lot better going in than it will coming out.

I need to break out of this cycle, I told myself. But it’s hard to motivate yourself, especially when there aren’t many ways to have fun anymore.

Which is where we hope to come into play. Here at Oh She Spicy, we want to reignite your passion for delicious food with actual nutritional value!

You don’t have to resort to Deliveroo to satiate those taste cravings. Check out all the latest and healthy recipes, fill those shopping bags, and prepare your own feast, boo.

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